Proposed Planned Burns for

Planned burning is dependent on suitable weather conditions.
The burns shown may not all be undertaken today.
If no burn symbols appear on this map when it has loaded there is nothing wrong with your system or this Web site, it simply means no burns are planned for the day.

Today's Burns

This map is updated daily between 10:00 am and 10:05am and at other times as required to reflect operational changes.
The date and time of the last update are shown at the foot of the map.

Disclaimer: Planned burns are part of an industry-wide program.
These are the approximate locations of burns planned by Forestry Tasmania (FT) and members of the Forest Industries Asssociation of Tasmania (FIAT).

Information on burns planned by other organisations may be found at; the Tasmania Fire Service and the Parks & Wildlife Service.
See also: Tourism Forestry Protocol.

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Forico Pty Limited (03) 6335 5255
Norske Skog (03) 6261 0155