Accessories for Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Four-wheel drive accessories are important for having a functional, efficient, and enjoyable 4 wheel drive vehicle. Prior to revealing what 4 wheel drive accessories provide, a small explanation of what a 4 wheel drive it will remind and inform all of  what the accessories will contribute to. 4 wheel drive systems typically pertains to a vehicle that is larger, which includes a selectable driving system. A sports utility vehicle is often seen and has become a prominent example of this. The system shifts the drive to mechanically work all 4 wheels. This characteristic in a vehicle gives the 4 wheel drive cars superb traction for unpredictable off road paths and curves.


In this article, 4 wheel drive accessories will be listed to showcase how 4 wheel drive accessories are key components to incorporate to your vehicle when planning an adventure. In taking your 4 wheel drive off the road it is ideal to attach accessories that enhance the overall experience and heighten the performance of your vehicle. 4 wheel drive accessories function as a means of preserving the life of certain parts on your vehicle.


An example of this can be seen when installing grille guards and off road bumpers to the front of a 4 wheel drive vehicle. These two parts work to protect the front of the car from getting damaged from stray rocks and gravel. Another example is air intakes and air filters, helping four wheel drive systems balance air pressure by monitoring and regulating internal systems to prevent air from getting trapped in the gas tank and air pockets. This can cause problems in engine passageways.


Important 4 wheel drive accessories


  • Deflator

Traversing rock and sand requires precision. Blowing air downwards increases traction in tires. The process of filling up off road tires with air can take a long time. Hence, a deflator speeds up this process by screwing onto the valve stem, letting the user set aside the valve core, and allowing air to escape when needs to. As the air is filled, one can check the pressure simultaneously on the heavy duty gauge that is calibrated to signify correct low pressures. When completely finishing each tire screw the valve core and start on another tire.


  • Traction Mat

Often, instead of purchasing an actual traction mat, many improvise by shifting a floor mat underneath a stuck tire. Traction mats are inexpensive and render the appropriate traction needed during certain conditions. They are even more invaluable when travelling alone. To utilise traction mats properly, simply detach mats by unfolding them and wedge space between them. This gives tons of grip in sandy, snowy or rainy conditions.


  • Tire inflator

After driving through dirt and rocks in rough paths, refilling up your tire with air will be a needed step to ensuring the vitality of off road tires. However, finding a spot to fill up your tire will be easier said than done. Tire inflators provide air on the go. Most models are battery powered with a truck battery or any other 12-volt source. Many consider shutting down their 4 wheel drive during such processes to deter draining or killing their battery. The best tire inflators on the market can be found online at the main price of other competitors that match what is being sold.


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