Tight Access Excavation

Excavators are construction equipment that consists of a boom, dipper, bucket and a cab on a rotating platform. They perform their functions through hydraulic fluid, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic motors mechanisms.

Functions of excavators

Horizontal directional drilling

Installing pipes, cables or conduit on a property requires (HDD) horizontal directional drilling which causes minimal damage and impact and it is a very cost-effective model. The HDD is sometimes called directional boring can have many uses including home irrigation, pool and sewer lines, commercial and telecom lines, and gas lines. HDD goes horizontally under the ground, hence less or no damage to structures, driveways, walkways and even gardens. It leaves minimal impact on the surroundings hence no need for rehabilitation after mat on the drilled structures. It is cost-effective and saves time and perfect results.

With sophisticated guidance systems, they can navigate past underground obstacles with ease. The size of the drill depends on the pipe size and the type of soil on the ground to be drilled.


Excavation services

They provide tight access excavation services to commercial business owners who need parking lots done to families building a new home and we love what we do best. Regardless of your terrain, soil type and contour, we ensure we level up the surface quickly and efficiently. Read on and get a list of the many services provided. Listed down below are some of the excavation services offered.

  • Hillside excavation
  • Driveway services
  • Footing excavation
  • Retaining wall excavation
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Terraced drainage
  • Building foundations


Underground utility installation

Underground utility installation is not easy. It may cause disturbance on other utilities for weeks if it is not done properly and done with experts. The following can be installed as underground utilities on your property.

  • Communication lines
  • Electrical power lines
  • Fiber optics lines
  • Water mains
  • Gas lines

Demolition services

Do you need to demolish an old building or any concrete structure? If the answer is yes, then don’t fret a lot, this can be done thoroughly and easily by excavators to spare you time and stress. The following is a list of structures that can be demolished:

  • Houses
  • Outbuildings
  • Parking lots
  • Barns
  • Concrete and asphalt driveways
  • Pools
  • Patios


Other services offered

Drainage services

If by now you have not spotted the kind of service you need in any of the lists above, don’t worry, there is still a list of services offered, like foundation drains for landscape, driveways, garages, the basement of buildings, stormwater drainage. Water issues are also sorted out by installing a drainage system that works best, by considering the type of soil, water retention ability of soil and many other soil factors.

Building pads and pier drilling

Pier foundations and padding on structures build on soil with high water content is done, this will help to drain water out of the building smoothly without causing damage to the building. Remember also, that if the water is not drained the building may sink underground.


Foundation footing services

Footings for support of structures to prevent settling is also provided in areas with troublesome soils. The footings will form firm support to the building from collapsing.


Land clearing

Clearing new land for the establishment of a new building project is done with excavators, removal of rocks, tree stumps, bushes and anything else on the way is removed.


Street Furniture Suppliers

Street furniture is collectively used for items and pieces of equipment placed in public spaces such as streets and roads for many purposes. Living in our various towns and cities, along streets, roadsides, in parks, in our businesses and schools, street furniture is a significant feature of our environment. Street furniture is made available by suppliers that deal with them. Suppliers of street furniture supply a range of products which include postboxes, tables, benches, traffic signs, street lamps, seating to shelter, bus stops, bollards, taxi stands, and so on. The design and installation of the furniture by suppliers consider visual identity, road safety, aesthetics, function, and pedestrian mobility. Australian street furniture suppliers make the furniture described below.


Descriptions of Street Furniture Made Available By Suppliers

  1. Benches: Benches are one of the significant features of any public place or outdoor area. They serve as a place for people, friends, and family to come together and enjoy a spot. They’re quite useful near parks, playgrounds and other public facilities for parents and other individuals to sit. Benches are designed in several ways such that they come in various designs. They are made of steel components or wood, to give the desired effect and aesthetics to the environment.
  2. Bollards: Bollards are pillars or short posts installed to prevent movement of vehicles into areas they are not wanted. And to give protection to buildings and other land features.
  3. Seats: They are commonly found in most parks and outdoor places. They help provide an avenue for people to enjoy their surroundings and have a rest. People can have a break from exercise or take the chance of observing a scene while resting. They also come in different designs and materials with the capacity to accommodate just a person or more. Some of them are designed in such a way that they are fixed into the wall directly. This design is to help form a more comfortable seating space for people and to save space too.
  4. Postboxes: They are also called mailboxes. They are found all around our streets in diverse forms.
  5. Street lamps: These are made to light up the surroundings at night, serving as both hindrance to crooks or criminals and also allowing passersby to see where they are going. The street lamp lights are often yellow or white.
  6. Traffic signs: Traffic signs help to depict road conditions to let drivers drive carefully on roads. Signs or postings may indicate or show aspects like reduced visibility, speed limits, intersection protocols, and so on. Direction posts or signs inform the reader the direction to a place via illustrations or diagrams. At times it can be written instructions too. The traffic signs can be brightened or illuminated to help nighttime drivers on the road.
  7. Tables: Tables further make things convenient for people in parks and other outdoor places. They aid people in comfortably using the area to share meals and place their other belongings. They can be made in a way that they can contain a large gathering or small group of people. They are often made with wood for a traditional touch and appearance though they are now being made with steel components. They are made with steel components as a result of their long-lasting properties from damage and vandalism.

How Does Street Furniture Positively Impact Us?

Street furniture positively impacts us in some ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Strengthening or enhancing togetherness within communities: Appealing and unparalleled street furniture provision often serve as interesting communal centre points, where people can come together and interact. Benches, seats, and other interactive furniture can assist in promoting interaction and togetherness in communities.
  2. Supporting active lifestyles: Making installations of secure and safe cycle stands can help pass cross the advantages and benefits of cycling. There are enormous benefits in abundance, such as vehicle congestion, emission reduction, together with personal health benefits.
  3. Keeping the environment clean: Our streets and environment would have been a mess without litter and recycling bins. The recycling and waste bins help both rural and urban dwellers to dispose of their waste properly. It thus helps to minimise potential harm to water supplies, animals, and pollution.


The purpose of GPS fleet management system

GPS fleet management enable companies relying on transportation to decrease the perils associated with vehicle assets. It helps the company lessen the cost of transportation and helps improve efficiency and productivity. The fleet can be managed by an in house department or could also be outsourced to a particular fleet management provider.

There is a dire need to capitalize on a consistent and tough GPS hardware and software solutions. Companies which deal with logistics, transportation, food and beverages need to make sure that they are way ahead of their competitors when it comes to fleet management systems. This would allow them to be ahead of their contemporaries and be successful as well.

Plus there are also regulatory mandates which makes it necessary for businesses to invest in GPS fleet management systems. Usually these systems are enhanced with innovative technology which helps increase the productivity within the company. Usually the software can track vehicles in real time thus allowing the user to know where exactly a vehicle is positioned at a certain time.

Fleet management software can come in handy in all the following ways:

  • Fleet is secure due to live supervision. The fact that the vehicles can be tracked at all times makes it easier for the user to know all the important data.
  • It is a great way to check up on the drivers driving ability. Whether they use a consistent speed or whether they are in the habit of driving too fast or rough. Plus it can also help the user know when the vehicle is on a detour. This is because the tracker always lets the driver know the best possible route.
  • It monitors the amount of fuel used by a vehicle and helps keep track of it. There are records as old as eighteen months. It’s a great way of checking whether the consumption of the fuel has increased or decreased with time.
  • It can help keep track of the maintenance time for the vehicle and send a reminder every time the maintenance date goes past.
  • The generation of automatic fleet reports can help cut down the cost and also the use of extra manpower. Plus the reports are always accurate because they are timed t regular intervals. The intervals are either one or two minutes apart or maybe more.
  • Fleet management software allows users to manage their fleet better. The integrated software allows for single and group messages to be sent immediately and at the same time provide regular updates regarding the position of the vehicles.

There are so many benefits which a GPS fleet Management software has to offer. However it should be kept in mind that it is the company’s decision to choose to hand over the management to an in house department or outsource it. Choosing to outsource the fleet management is a good decision because it would enable the company to focus on other important issues yet at the same time reap the benefits of fleet management without having to invest huge sums of cash.



Commercial Furniture Perth

Does commercial furniture also mean contract furniture?

Commercial furniture is alternatively called contract furniture and refers to any kind of furniture that is utilised for public or official purposes. This includes a sofa, chair, desk, table. Offices, hotels, airports, companies, and big corporations are the top buyers of commercial furniture. Contract furniture is made to fulfil the needs and requirements of a business environment. Contract furniture varies from standard family furniture because of the frequency of utilisation and the regulatory requirement that guides its production. The Crib 5 regulation is enforced on business, schools, offices, restaurants to comply with fire safety measures. This measure consists of fire-resistant upholstery materials and fabrics. Business furniture additionally varies from family furniture by being able to withstand more pressure during use. Owing to the high-quality construction requirements, commercial furniture is more expensive than family furniture.


Commercial furniture and residential furniture

Commercial furniture is generally made for heavy duty usage. It is made to withstand physical and mechanical changes, such as being moved frequently or pushed around. The raw materials used in making them are of higher-quality and will ensure they have longer durability. Companies project to change commercial furniture within ten years, so designs are not of utmost importance. Residential furniture is not made to be as durable as the commercial one. They are made to be classy and stylish. Residential furniture is less expensive, because of the low cost of raw material.

Commercial furniture makers utilise thick gauge steel compare to the residential furniture makers. Contract grade wood furniture is normally produced using hardwood, for example, beechwood though residential wood furniture is frequently produced using delicate wood, for example, pine. Also, any fabrics should be impervious to stains, punctures, and tears, which means manufacturers would prefer acrylic rather than cotton and vinyl rather than leather.

Characteristics of the commercial furniture

One of the primary approaches to establish an extraordinary connection with potential customers is by having great furniture in your office spaces with excellent furnishings.

Here are three things you should think about when looking for top-notch commercial furniture;

  1. Structure and design

The general layout of the office must be critically studied before any furniture is picked to ensure that the right fit of the furniture is chosen. When a company chooses a piece of furniture in contrast to the layout, clients have a poor perception of the company and it influences their judgment. Choose furniture that complements the general outlay and design of the office space to create a pleasant vibe.

  1. Durability

In contrast to the family furniture at home, the contract furniture will be utilised by several individuals. Ordinarily, a few people will not take great care of the furniture as you may like. So, you have to ensure you are getting something that is genuinely sturdy and enduring. But you have to ensure that the durable furniture is also comfortable.

  1. Value

Perth office fitouts could be expensive so you should focus on getting the furniture that would provide maximum value. Bulk purchases could attract a discount.  In all, it is good to look for affordable products but ensure you are aiming for the long-term. It is better to get a valuable and quality product at a higher price than buying an inferior product that would last a while.


What do Sunshine Coast Surveyors do?

Land surveyors do more than have staff and tripod and stand by the side of the road. They are legal arbiters of land boundaries using their tools that provide precise measurements.

The legal description of a property is to have it measured and calculated by a professional surveyor. Sunshine Coast surveyors offer professional help to settle the issues of property descriptions. Hiring their services prevents future land ownership disputes that often occur with home properties.


Land Surveying

Mapping and measuring the sea, land, and sky is the true meaning of surveying. All parts of the world can be surveyed by surveyors from deep urban jungles to polar ice caps.

Property boundaries lines are documented, identified, and verified by surveyors. This is probably the reason why some surveyors end up as famous explorers.

Subdividing a huge property into parcels of land is handled by a team of developers and surveyors. A surveyor is needed when people want to mine, farm, settle or build on a property. Hiring the services of a surveyor ensures correct land boundaries to prevent trespassing on another’s property or going out of line into land protected by the government.


Duties and functions of Surveyors

Building a map of a certain area needs the required measurements from a land surveyor. The work that they do may make them work in an office, in the field or both.

  • Supporting evidence is provided by the images and calculations made by surveyors.
  • Terrestrial scanners, GPS, aerial scanners, and theodolites are some of the sophisticated equipment used by land surveyors during fieldwork.
  • Mapping measurements and drafting plans make surveyors work with other software solutions.


A surveyor can take the role of a developer. However, a developer cannot be a surveyor unless properly educated, certified, and trained to be one.

Different types of Land Surveyors

Other jobs that can be undertaken by surveyors include major construction, mining interests, and tunnel building. This makes them an important expert member and consultant for developers, architects, and engineers.

The different types of land surveyors include:

  • Land or boundary surveyors that determine and identify construction projects and real estate exact locations and legal property lines.
  • Construction or engineering surveyors identify the appropriate depth for building foundations or the precise locations of buildings and roads. A property’s potential restrictions or changes in property lines are information constantly updated with surveyors. The topography and grade of roads can also be included in their survey work.
  • Forensic surveyors are responsible for recording accident scenes and make the necessary landscape changes to minimise future accidents from happening.
  • Geodetic surveyors measure the Earth’s large areas by using satellite and aerial observations to get a highly accurate image.
  • Hydrographic or Marine surveyors identify the topography of the water body depth, floor, and other features. They survey bodies of water from harbours and rivers to help identify shorelines.
  • Mine surveyors map and determine the volume of mined minerals by surveying surface mines and underground tunnels.


An array of environments, locations, and projects can be handled by a land surveyor. Knowing the exact boundary lines of a potential property needs the services of licensed and experienced surveyors based in the Sunshine Coast.


Why you should have a Built-in Barbecue Australia

Cooking outdoors with families in the Mediterranean is a very common sight. Today, Australia has adopted this trendy style of cooking and eating outdoors. Backyard kitchens are fast becoming a popular way of alfresco cooking and dining.

Outdoor cooking and dining right in the comforts of your backyard is the main reason why you should have a built-in barbecue in Australia.


Built-in Barbecue benefits for the home


Why you should have a built in BBQ? Creating a cooking place outdoors not only uses the space but also gives you added advantages, to include:


Ups the ante value of the home

Remodeling your home by adding a patio kitchen also boost its financial value. The stainless steel materials used with patio appliances and BBQ grills make them tough and hardy against seasonal changing temperatures. The easy-to-clean feature of stainless steel plus their long life are desirable elements that enhance a home’s financial value.


Great entertainment value

Great space entertainment is in store for a home with an outdoor kitchen. The built-in BBQ grill becomes the focal point of socialising when dinner is prepared and grilled on the patio. An indoor kitchen can quickly become crowded when everyone wants to hang out with the cook. Cooking and eating outside provides the best way to enhance the comfort level of your party guests.

Increases your home space

A built-in BBQ grill in your back porch does not need walls and a roof. Yet, home space is quickly added when you have one set-up in the backyard. You can always level up the back porch space by adding a roof. This way you can bring in more appliances to make it an outdoor dream kitchen.


Keeps food aroma outside

Cooking can smell delicious. However, cooking deep-fried foods can produce an aroma that can linger in your home for days on end. Cooking foods on a built-in BBQ grill leaves the odour outside while keeping your indoors smelling fresh.


Saves on electric usage

Your utility bills can jack up when you use the air conditioner full-time 24/7 during the summer. More so when the temperature kicks up as you broil, fry, roast, and bake in the indoor kitchen.  A built-in BBQ grill outside is the smartest way to save on your utility bills. It also offers the best way of bonding times with family and friends.


Save money on dining-out

Dining out can quickly deplete your bank account. Having a built-in BBQ grill outdoors provides better cooking and eating ambiance than eating at restaurants. This spells savings when the option is to eat at home rather than a night in town.


Enhances the taste of food

If you want food to taste better and healthier, built-in BBQ grill is the thing to go for. Your waistline benefits as well when fat drips off the grilled meat. This means fewer fat calories which are a healthier and better food option whether you’re on a diet or not.


A permanently-positioned grill provides the perfect solution for large-sized cooking. Investing in one provides the way for better-tasting food as well as adding financial value to your home. Built-in BBQ grills are created tough and hardy to make them cope with seasonal and weather changes.




Accessories for Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Four-wheel drive accessories are important for having a functional, efficient, and enjoyable 4 wheel drive vehicle. Prior to revealing what 4 wheel drive accessories provide, a small explanation of what a 4 wheel drive it will remind and inform all of  what the accessories will contribute to. 4 wheel drive systems typically pertains to a vehicle that is larger, which includes a selectable driving system. A sports utility vehicle is often seen and has become a prominent example of this. The system shifts the drive to mechanically work all 4 wheels. This characteristic in a vehicle gives the 4 wheel drive cars superb traction for unpredictable off road paths and curves.


In this article, 4 wheel drive accessories will be listed to showcase how 4 wheel drive accessories are key components to incorporate to your vehicle when planning an adventure. In taking your 4 wheel drive off the road it is ideal to attach accessories that enhance the overall experience and heighten the performance of your vehicle. 4 wheel drive accessories function as a means of preserving the life of certain parts on your vehicle.


An example of this can be seen when installing grille guards and off road bumpers to the front of a 4 wheel drive vehicle. These two parts work to protect the front of the car from getting damaged from stray rocks and gravel. Another example is air intakes and air filters, helping four wheel drive systems balance air pressure by monitoring and regulating internal systems to prevent air from getting trapped in the gas tank and air pockets. This can cause problems in engine passageways.


Important 4 wheel drive accessories


  • Deflator

Traversing rock and sand requires precision. Blowing air downwards increases traction in tires. The process of filling up off road tires with air can take a long time. Hence, a deflator speeds up this process by screwing onto the valve stem, letting the user set aside the valve core, and allowing air to escape when needs to. As the air is filled, one can check the pressure simultaneously on the heavy duty gauge that is calibrated to signify correct low pressures. When completely finishing each tire screw the valve core and start on another tire.


  • Traction Mat

Often, instead of purchasing an actual traction mat, many improvise by shifting a floor mat underneath a stuck tire. Traction mats are inexpensive and render the appropriate traction needed during certain conditions. They are even more invaluable when travelling alone. To utilise traction mats properly, simply detach mats by unfolding them and wedge space between them. This gives tons of grip in sandy, snowy or rainy conditions.


  • Tire inflator

After driving through dirt and rocks in rough paths, refilling up your tire with air will be a needed step to ensuring the vitality of off road tires. However, finding a spot to fill up your tire will be easier said than done. Tire inflators provide air on the go. Most models are battery powered with a truck battery or any other 12-volt source. Many consider shutting down their 4 wheel drive during such processes to deter draining or killing their battery. The best tire inflators on the market can be found online at the main price of other competitors that match what is being sold.


Look for a reliable seller of 4WD accessory supplier to get the best quality for your vehicles.



3 Tips to select the right HVAC contractor for your commercial building

Is your air conditioning system more than a couple of years old? You could be looking to replace it in the coming years but if it is a newer system, you would want to ensure that it keeps performing at the maximum efficiency. You should schedule regular maintenance appointments for maintenance to avoid any debris accumulating in the system and causing any major problems in the long run. Let’s be honest, you can’t really do it yourself for your commercial building, you’ll need to hire a professional HVAC consultant for regular maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips you can consider when going looking for a commercial HVAC contractor.

Credentials and experience

The HVAC system in any building is probably the most expensive equipment of them all, and you’d want someone experienced handling it with care. Many cities and states require dedicated licenses to be able to provide services in the domain, and obtaining licenses isn’t easy. They make you go through a rigorous training process equipping with all the tools and techniques for it.

If they have the required valid licenses for your city or state, they are probably well versed in the domain and are safe to work with.

Ask for official referrals

When considering a contractor, ask for three or more referrals from the former customers of your contractor. Call them up and ask them everything about the contractor into consideration. Ask them about the work ethics, if the contractor was cooperative during the project and if they were happy with the final delivered project.

Asking these questions will ensure that you find the best HVAC contractor and that your project succeeds without any hitches. Another thing this will help clear up is if the contractors conduct themselves professionally and respect your property. While someone might come highly recommended, they might end up leaving your place needing a thorough cleaning or probably needing new parts for your air conditioning bendigo system. It is very important that they be mindful of your property and doesn’t do any unnecessary damage to your system.

You can always go online and check on them. Look up their reviews and see if they have any complaints or any negative reviews on their profiles.


Another thing you can ask for during conversations with the official referrals is the efficiency of the contractor. With a commercial building, you want the service bundled up in an affordable package. Your HVAC contractor should be the one to neither rush through the service nor should they take insane amounts of time to complete the project. An HVAC system is very essential to a commercial building and if it’s not functioning properly, you can’t really utilize the building.


What kind are you: water, air, fire or earth? Find out with the physiognomy

Every man is also unique in terms of his body structure, from the shape of the head to the features of the face. The appearance and posture outline the traits of our character and our inner characteristics.

In this article we talk about physiognomy , the discipline that studies the body characteristics to outline the psychological and character aspects, and the predisposition to the disease of each individual.

There are four constitutions of which mankind is a part: in which of these falls?

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Human typologies and signs of the body
The language of the body
The physiognomic reading
Book your physiognomy consultation
Human typologies and signs of the body
Now we see the main types of individuals, which correspond to the basic constitution of a person, represented by the four elements: air, water, earth, fire.

The type Air (blood)
Awake, curious and mostly cheerful. Observe the world with its beautiful cut and full of light. Although something escapes him hardly, he does not dwell for a long time on the impressions collected. He can not stand boredom and gets tired if nothing new happens.

What distinguishes it, besides the eyes is the nose, usually large and pronounced or small upwards.
The mouth is proportionate to the face, with a beautiful shape and the lips are almost always posed to a benevolent smile.

The air type has great fluency of language, always has the answer ready, it is witty and bright, but sometimes it can be impertinent and brash.
The physical structure is delicate and harmonious, the dancing and light gait. Generally not very tall, small head and proportionate to the body.

Air types generally demonstrate an innate talent in different areas, where a great capacity for communication is expected.
He is also a great lover of the table, which is why some are obese. The air type has a very delicate skin, which is prone to getting sick, as well as the respiratory system.

Although cheerful, it is not immune to forms of anguish and despair and even to excesses of anger, which, however, dissolves immediately.
The negative aspect of the character of the air type is represented by the egoistic component of its nature.

The type Fire (bilious)
Glowing and luminous gaze, wide jaw and pronounced mouth, normally aquiline nose. He looks around with a sharp look, immediately catching the essence of things.

If something he does not like has an offensive or very direct attitude.
Sometimes the fire type lacks sense of humor, but despite this with its passionate speeches can always pursue their goals.

Gestures full of temperament that signal a great personality, has a large head compared to the rest of the body, sturdy legs and often shorter than the bust.
Perennially active, the movement is for him the elixir of long life, enjoys great resistance, is generally insensitive to physical pain.

The fire type pursues noble goals and to achieve them is willing to face any effort. Although willing to work hard, he is generally not a workmate liked by others because of his personality.

Sometimes when he encounters obstacles he is seized by anger and because of his passionate temperament reacts to disappointments, losing control, then he repents and is tormented by strong feelings of guilt.

The organism of the fire type can be affected by any type of inflammation, particularly at risk the liver and gall bladder, which is why it does not tolerate fat very well.

The type Water (lymphatic or phlegmatic)
Large and elongated head, as well as the face, high forehead and long, thin nose. Big mouth and rather thin lips that bend down.
The water type listens for a long time before speaking and in the answers it is essential. Women have massive hips compared to the rest of the body and sloping shoulders.

He often suffers from pain and perceives every slight change as suffering. He has little physical endurance and often needs moments of rest, he is not brought for heavy physical work.
He feels uneasy about social problems and tries when he can help others, a trusted and loyal workmate.

Professional areas in which the water type excels are related to activities aimed at healing, aid and education.
A controversial aspect of his personality is susceptibility, he never forgets a wrong or an offense and can be vindictive, even if he is devoid of aggressiveness.

The dominant organs are the kidneys and the bladder, the diseases are generally linked to the accumulation of liquids (water retention, cystitis or swollen and painful joints).


Since the dawn of time, man has always been fascinated by the power of fire. He observed, scrutinized and challenged to get the better, being able to use it in the best way: the barbecue. But, today as then, there is a question that is often asked who is measured with this type of primordial cooking: how do you tame the barbecue fire ? Braciamiancora has tried to find an answer to this question, digging between myths and legends , in a series of curiosities and indispensable techniques to manage the embers. Why do not you joke with the barbecue fire.


Before starting a fire, the question to ask is: what do I use as fuel ? One of the most used and most suitable to use for the barbecue is charcoal. It is a pure coal obtained by letting the wood burn for a few days, allowing the water, resins and other volatile substances to evaporate and all the oxygen inside. Using charcoal, if in some respects it represents a challenge, will certainly offer you many satisfactions. When the charcoal reaches its maximum temperature, some pieces may explode due to the gas trapped in the knots of the wood. This fuel becomes very hot in a short time: it usually takes 10-15 minutes. The intense heat can roast the food in a few seconds, toasting its surface and spreading a pleasant smoky aroma. Once the charcoal has reached the maximum temperature, it begins to spread the heat quickly. In most cases, spend about 30 minutes before the temperature passes from high to medium. Therefore, if you want to maintain a certain temperature for cooking, it is necessary to feed the fire again. Fortunately, the charcoal turns on and heats up very quickly: to raise the temperature it will be enough to add more and wait for 5-10 minutes.