What kind are you: water, air, fire or earth? Find out with the physiognomy

Every man is also unique in terms of his body structure, from the shape of the head to the features of the face. The appearance and posture outline the traits of our character and our inner characteristics.

In this article we talk about physiognomy , the discipline that studies the body characteristics to outline the psychological and character aspects, and the predisposition to the disease of each individual.

There are four constitutions of which mankind is a part: in which of these falls?

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Human typologies and signs of the body
The language of the body
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Human typologies and signs of the body
Now we see the main types of individuals, which correspond to the basic constitution of a person, represented by the four elements: air, water, earth, fire.

The type Air (blood)
Awake, curious and mostly cheerful. Observe the world with its beautiful cut and full of light. Although something escapes him hardly, he does not dwell for a long time on the impressions collected. He can not stand boredom and gets tired if nothing new happens.

What distinguishes it, besides the eyes is the nose, usually large and pronounced or small upwards.
The mouth is proportionate to the face, with a beautiful shape and the lips are almost always posed to a benevolent smile.

The air type has great fluency of language, always has the answer ready, it is witty and bright, but sometimes it can be impertinent and brash.
The physical structure is delicate and harmonious, the dancing and light gait. Generally not very tall, small head and proportionate to the body.

Air types generally demonstrate an innate talent in different areas, where a great capacity for communication is expected.
He is also a great lover of the table, which is why some are obese. The air type has a very delicate skin, which is prone to getting sick, as well as the respiratory system.

Although cheerful, it is not immune to forms of anguish and despair and even to excesses of anger, which, however, dissolves immediately.
The negative aspect of the character of the air type is represented by the egoistic component of its nature.

The type Fire (bilious)
Glowing and luminous gaze, wide jaw and pronounced mouth, normally aquiline nose. He looks around with a sharp look, immediately catching the essence of things.

If something he does not like has an offensive or very direct attitude.
Sometimes the fire type lacks sense of humor, but despite this with its passionate speeches can always pursue their goals.

Gestures full of temperament that signal a great personality, has a large head compared to the rest of the body, sturdy legs and often shorter than the bust.
Perennially active, the movement is for him the elixir of long life, enjoys great resistance, is generally insensitive to physical pain.

The fire type pursues noble goals and to achieve them is willing to face any effort. Although willing to work hard, he is generally not a workmate liked by others because of his personality.

Sometimes when he encounters obstacles he is seized by anger and because of his passionate temperament reacts to disappointments, losing control, then he repents and is tormented by strong feelings of guilt.

The organism of the fire type can be affected by any type of inflammation, particularly at risk the liver and gall bladder, which is why it does not tolerate fat very well.

The type Water (lymphatic or phlegmatic)
Large and elongated head, as well as the face, high forehead and long, thin nose. Big mouth and rather thin lips that bend down.
The water type listens for a long time before speaking and in the answers it is essential. Women have massive hips compared to the rest of the body and sloping shoulders.

He often suffers from pain and perceives every slight change as suffering. He has little physical endurance and often needs moments of rest, he is not brought for heavy physical work.
He feels uneasy about social problems and tries when he can help others, a trusted and loyal workmate.

Professional areas in which the water type excels are related to activities aimed at healing, aid and education.
A controversial aspect of his personality is susceptibility, he never forgets a wrong or an offense and can be vindictive, even if he is devoid of aggressiveness.

The dominant organs are the kidneys and the bladder, the diseases are generally linked to the accumulation of liquids (water retention, cystitis or swollen and painful joints).

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