Street Furniture Suppliers

Street furniture is collectively used for items and pieces of equipment placed in public spaces such as streets and roads for many purposes. Living in our various towns and cities, along streets, roadsides, in parks, in our businesses and schools, street furniture is a significant feature of our environment. Street furniture is made available by suppliers that deal with them. Suppliers of street furniture supply a range of products which include postboxes, tables, benches, traffic signs, street lamps, seating to shelter, bus stops, bollards, taxi stands, and so on. The design and installation of the furniture by suppliers consider visual identity, road safety, aesthetics, function, and pedestrian mobility. Australian street furniture suppliers make the furniture described below.


Descriptions of Street Furniture Made Available By Suppliers

  1. Benches: Benches are one of the significant features of any public place or outdoor area. They serve as a place for people, friends, and family to come together and enjoy a spot. They’re quite useful near parks, playgrounds and other public facilities for parents and other individuals to sit. Benches are designed in several ways such that they come in various designs. They are made of steel components or wood, to give the desired effect and aesthetics to the environment.
  2. Bollards: Bollards are pillars or short posts installed to prevent movement of vehicles into areas they are not wanted. And to give protection to buildings and other land features.
  3. Seats: They are commonly found in most parks and outdoor places. They help provide an avenue for people to enjoy their surroundings and have a rest. People can have a break from exercise or take the chance of observing a scene while resting. They also come in different designs and materials with the capacity to accommodate just a person or more. Some of them are designed in such a way that they are fixed into the wall directly. This design is to help form a more comfortable seating space for people and to save space too.
  4. Postboxes: They are also called mailboxes. They are found all around our streets in diverse forms.
  5. Street lamps: These are made to light up the surroundings at night, serving as both hindrance to crooks or criminals and also allowing passersby to see where they are going. The street lamp lights are often yellow or white.
  6. Traffic signs: Traffic signs help to depict road conditions to let drivers drive carefully on roads. Signs or postings may indicate or show aspects like reduced visibility, speed limits, intersection protocols, and so on. Direction posts or signs inform the reader the direction to a place via illustrations or diagrams. At times it can be written instructions too. The traffic signs can be brightened or illuminated to help nighttime drivers on the road.
  7. Tables: Tables further make things convenient for people in parks and other outdoor places. They aid people in comfortably using the area to share meals and place their other belongings. They can be made in a way that they can contain a large gathering or small group of people. They are often made with wood for a traditional touch and appearance though they are now being made with steel components. They are made with steel components as a result of their long-lasting properties from damage and vandalism.

How Does Street Furniture Positively Impact Us?

Street furniture positively impacts us in some ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Strengthening or enhancing togetherness within communities: Appealing and unparalleled street furniture provision often serve as interesting communal centre points, where people can come together and interact. Benches, seats, and other interactive furniture can assist in promoting interaction and togetherness in communities.
  2. Supporting active lifestyles: Making installations of secure and safe cycle stands can help pass cross the advantages and benefits of cycling. There are enormous benefits in abundance, such as vehicle congestion, emission reduction, together with personal health benefits.
  3. Keeping the environment clean: Our streets and environment would have been a mess without litter and recycling bins. The recycling and waste bins help both rural and urban dwellers to dispose of their waste properly. It thus helps to minimise potential harm to water supplies, animals, and pollution.


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