Tips for buying a commercial microwave oven

No matter the size of your Food Establishment, a commercial microwave is an essential piece of equipment for any kitchen. Commercial microwaves are generally built for speedy results and frequent usage. These are sturdy and are designed for long-term durability.

It is crucial to choose the right commercial microwave because it can help improve the productivity and the efficiency of your kitchen. It can also allow you to cook a variety of foods and even come up with New recipes which you can offer to your customers.

Make sure that you do not scrimp on cash when buying the commercial microwave. Instead you should focus upon buying a study piece of equipment which is going to last throughout the years. Investing more can result in a long-term benefit you would get good value for money and might even be able to improve the sales of the food business.

Buying commercial microwave oven

When you are in the market for a commercial microwave you would be asked about the wattage and its cooking power. It depends upon how much you are going to use it in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the higher the wattage the more power it has to cook a large number of dishes. In case you have a small establishment it is best to go for light duty commercial microwave because these have 1000 watts of current.

This also tend to be the least expensive of any type of commercial microwave. However you should keep in mind that this might not respond to frequent use and may not be able to cope as fast as you would like in case you have more number of people coming up to be served.

On the other hand a medium duty commercial microwave work around 2000 watts and is a step ahead from the light duty one. Anybody who owns a small cafe or a convenience Store with lots of individuals coming in my go for a medium duty model these are useful for warming up coffee or appetizers quickly.

Bigger establishment which plans on using the commercial microwave on a consistent basis the best choice to go for heavy duty commercial microwave have around 3000 Watts of power and a faster cooking time as well.

What you need to consider before purchasing commercial microwave oven

The first thing that you need to find out is what would you be using the commercial microwave oven. You should have a list of all the items that need to be microwaved so you can have an idea of how long and how frequently it is going to be used. This crucial piece of information would help you in selecting the right kind of commercial microwave.

If you plan on using the microwave to cook an item quickly at the restaurant or the food Centre you need to make sure that the microwave is durable enough to handle that kind of usage. If you are using it to beat smaller items you can go for a microwave which has a smaller size and it would also help you save money.

Do consider all of the above mentioned factors when sourcing high end catering equipment.

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