What Are Skid Steer Tracks and Their Benefits?

Skid steer tracks are also known as rubber tracks. These tracks are alternatives to the traditional wheels for the skid steer loaders. They are made using reinforced rubber or synthetic materials with a series of lugs and treads that provide stability and traction on various surfaces. The skid steer tracks have been proposed to replace the skid steer loader wheels because they offer several benefits over the traditional tyres.

Benefits of Using Skid Steer Tracks

If you have a skid steer loader, use the traditional wheel or invest in modernised skid steer tracks. Though the choice is personal, it is always important to find out why skid steer tracks have become so common and the benefits of using them. The following are the benefits of using skid steer tracks over traditional wheels for skid steer loaders;

  • Enhances traction

One of the benefits of using skid steer tracks is that they provide superior traction, especially in challenging conditions like snow, loose gravel and snow. This is because the skid steer tracks have a larger surface area that distributes weight evenly, increasing the contact the tracks make with the ground and minimising slippage. Due to this, enhanced traction allows the skid steers to maintain control even when operated on uneven and slippery surfaces. This, in return, improves safety and performance in the work environment.

  • Reduces ground pressure

Another critical benefit of skid steer tracks is that these tracks can distribute weight evenly over a larger surface area. This reduces the pressure the skid steers make on the ground compared to when using wheels. When the ground pressure is lower, turf damage diminishes and prevents soil compaction. This makes skid steer tracks suitable for sensitive surfaces like golf courses, lawns, and landscaping projects. The tracks also minimise ground disturbance,  reducing environmental impact and preserving your job site’s integrity.

  • Improves maneuverability

Skid steer tracks are also known to offer more excellent maneuverability than the traditional wheel. This means that when using skid steer tracks, you can even navigate easily in confined and tight spaces with so much ease.

  • Enhances stability

Skid steer tracks offer better stability than traditional wheels on slippery and uneven surfaces. This is because they have a wider track stance and lower centre of gravity, contributing to superior strength. Also, due to the excellent stability the skid steer tracks offer, there is enhanced safety and confidence during operations. This helps workers or operators to work more effectively and efficiently, even in hazardous and challenging conditions.

  • Versatile and adaptable

You can use skid steer tracks for various applications and working conditions since they are versatile and adaptable. Also, they have interchangeable track options, allowing you to customise your skid steer tracks to meet your unique requirements. Also, their flexibility makes the skid steer tracks ideal for a wide range of industries like landscaping, forestry, snow removal, agriculture and construction industries.

  • Reduces maintenance costs

Skid steer tracks have been designed uniquely, giving them a longer lifespan and requiring less maintenance, unlike the traditional wheel. This reduces the costs of operation with time. Also, they are not susceptible to punctures, wear, and flats like tyres, making them last long. Additionally, since fewer moving parts and components may get damaged and fail, they do not require frequent replacements or repairs.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to using durable skid steer tracks in your skid steer loafers. Irrespective of the type of job site you are working on, you can always count on these tracks to execute even the most challenging jobs.

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