What do Sunshine Coast Surveyors do?

Land surveyors do more than have staff and tripod and stand by the side of the road. They are legal arbiters of land boundaries using their tools that provide precise measurements.

The legal description of a property is to have it measured and calculated by a professional surveyor. Sunshine Coast surveyors offer professional help to settle the issues of property descriptions. Hiring their services prevents future land ownership disputes that often occur with home properties.


Land Surveying

Mapping and measuring the sea, land, and sky is the true meaning of surveying. All parts of the world can be surveyed by surveyors from deep urban jungles to polar ice caps.

Property boundaries lines are documented, identified, and verified by surveyors. This is probably the reason why some surveyors end up as famous explorers.

Subdividing a huge property into parcels of land is handled by a team of developers and surveyors. A surveyor is needed when people want to mine, farm, settle or build on a property. Hiring the services of a surveyor ensures correct land boundaries to prevent trespassing on another’s property or going out of line into land protected by the government.


Duties and functions of Surveyors

Building a map of a certain area needs the required measurements from a land surveyor. The work that they do may make them work in an office, in the field or both.

  • Supporting evidence is provided by the images and calculations made by surveyors.
  • Terrestrial scanners, GPS, aerial scanners, and theodolites are some of the sophisticated equipment used by land surveyors during fieldwork.
  • Mapping measurements and drafting plans make surveyors work with other software solutions.


A surveyor can take the role of a developer. However, a developer cannot be a surveyor unless properly educated, certified, and trained to be one.

Different types of Land Surveyors

Other jobs that can be undertaken by surveyors include major construction, mining interests, and tunnel building. This makes them an important expert member and consultant for developers, architects, and engineers.

The different types of land surveyors include:

  • Land or boundary surveyors that determine and identify construction projects and real estate exact locations and legal property lines.
  • Construction or engineering surveyors identify the appropriate depth for building foundations or the precise locations of buildings and roads. A property’s potential restrictions or changes in property lines are information constantly updated with surveyors. The topography and grade of roads can also be included in their survey work.
  • Forensic surveyors are responsible for recording accident scenes and make the necessary landscape changes to minimise future accidents from happening.
  • Geodetic surveyors measure the Earth’s large areas by using satellite and aerial observations to get a highly accurate image.
  • Hydrographic or Marine surveyors identify the topography of the water body depth, floor, and other features. They survey bodies of water from harbours and rivers to help identify shorelines.
  • Mine surveyors map and determine the volume of mined minerals by surveying surface mines and underground tunnels.


An array of environments, locations, and projects can be handled by a land surveyor. Knowing the exact boundary lines of a potential property needs the services of licensed and experienced surveyors based in the Sunshine Coast.


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